Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 skills

I've been asking everyone the following question:

If you could learn any 3 skills, what would they be? This means not that they would be instantly transmitted to you, but rather that you'd be set up with the tools, experts, and general environment to facilitate learning these skills as best as possible.

Also, skills that are superpowers (like X-ray vision or the ability to fly) don't count. For context, I've been thinking lately about ways to facilitate adult-to-adult teaching, and am curious about what skills people would find empowering to learn.


Chris said...

1.) I want to know how to create web programs effectively - meaning I want to know how to deal with all the intricacies of scaling, user management, legal matters, etc. All the hard, boring info which I don't know how to find.

2.) I want to be able to pick up Japanese girls I see on the train.

3.) I want to be able to sing well.

Anonymous said...

1. Become fluent in Spanish
2. Become a self-sustaining writer
3. Learn how to groom my dog

Great questions. I am enjoying your site. I come over here via Instructionables.